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Here comes Christmas, and what am I doing? I'm still making sawdust and spraying finish on a load of cribbage boards. I have recently finished boards made from bloodwood, canary wood, and elm among others. Please check with us to see what is done and what is about to be finished.

Shipping a tourney board in the continental US is $7.00, a short board is shipped for $6.00. Orders from outside of the continental US take a little longer and cost a little more to ship but are possible. I recommend contacting me via email, or calling, to find out if the board you are looking at is still available, sometimes the board is a one of a kind. All two track boards come with 6 wooden pegs, and optional brass pegs gold and silver tone are available for $3.00 for a set of six with a board and $5.00 without a board. Previous customers are eligible for the discounted price.

pic of wooden pegs pic of metal pegs
Sean Murphy
SCM Tourney Boards
12568 Cross Ridge Way
Germantown, MD 20874
Ph. (301)515-8867

To reserve a board you may use the Reserve/Request a Board or just email or call me. I accept checks and money orders and now credit cards through PayPal (for you "EBay"ers out there), I ship after 7 days for checks and within 48 hours for money orders and PayPal transactions. Please do not send payment for a board without first contacting me, I attend cribbage tournaments on weekends and the board you are considering may no longer be available. I will gladly reserve a board for you while you make payment arrangements, or even just want time to consider a board.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and
I make about 150 cribbage boards each year, most of which are finished just in time for the holidays.

This price list was updated on December 3, 2003. Please remember that the list does not include $7.00 for shipping within the continental US, the short boards will be shipped for $6.00. Shipping for multiple board orders is adjusted for the number of boards, expect about a $3.00 increase for each additional board. Shipping costs to other localities are determined on a case by case basis. We ship via priority mail with a delivery confirmation and insurance on each package.

Ready To Ship
Tournament Boards
Twice-around Boards
Wood Length
Wood Length
Hard Maple 20 inches
Hard Maple 14 inches
Walnut 20 inches
Walnut 14 inches
Cherry 20 inches
Cherry 14 or 12 inches
Curly Cherry 20 inches
Curly Cherry 12 inches
Australian Silky Oak20 inches
Silky Oak 14 inches
Mahogany 20 inches
Mahogany 14 inches
Grandillo 20 inches $55 only 1 left
Anigré 20 inches
Brazilian Cherry 20 inches
Brazilian Cherry14 inches
Curly Benge 20 inches
Sold Curly Benge 14 inches
Elm 20 inches
Elm 14 inches
Canarywood 20 inches
Canarywood 12 inches
Purpleheart 20 inches
Purpleheart 14 inches
African Rosewood 20 inches
African Rosewood 13 inches
Bolivian Rosewood 20 inches
Paduk 20 inches
Paduk 14 inches
Bloodwood 20 inches
Bloodwood 14 inches

If you have a favorite wood that you would like to have a board made from, EMAIL me for an estimate and I will get you a price for your board. Or fill out the Reserve/Request a Board form including your wood type.

Email me by clicking here.

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A heavy hardwood variable graining ranging from straight to curly to flamed to birdseyed. Wood is creamy white to reddish in color turning slightly golden with age. The grain pattern can be straight but is often wavy or curly. The curls in the wood can shimmer in the right light. Has a medium to fine grain texture. In the pictures the top boards are stained to bring out the curls in the wood, the bottom boards are from the same piece of wood. If you want the stained board they are $5.00 more than the unstained.

Blistered maple tournament board Birdseye maple tournament board Tiger maple tournament board

A hard, open grained, evenly textured wood. Straight grained with contrasting color patterns from light, to chocolate brown, to purplish black.

Walnut tournament board
Hard straight grained hardwood reddish brown with dark flecks throughout. Fine graining results in silky smooth finish.

Cherry tournament board

A hardwood from West Africa, mainly Tanzania. The grain is generally straight with some wavy curls. The wood is light tan when cut and a darker brown when finished.

Hard, heavy, and open pored.

A lighter hardwood from North America. Elm has an unusual grain pattern with a zigzag pattern commonly found between growth rings. The wood exhibits a strong swirling figure but is lightly colored and turns light brown when finished with a natural stain. The wood is very fibrous.

A hard but lighter wood, orange to deep golden in color. Has a prodigious ray pattern similar to quartersawn white oak only denser. Extremely variable in grain texture and pattern, a Mulberry tree can have many small branches growing from it and these affect the figure of the grain pattern as well.

A hard, open grained, evenly textured South/Central American tropical wood. As the name indicates it is very intense deep purple.

Purpleheart tournament board

Another popular tropical wood from Central American. Wood can range in color from pale brown to pink to dark reddish. The open pored texture takes some time to produce a smooth finish. The finish, however, brings out the shimmer and shine of the wood.

Mahogany tournament board

African Rosewood:
A heavy hardwood with a large open pore grain. Many colors and curls run through this wood. The shimmer is similar to the curly maple, though much darker in color.

Brazilian cherry or Jatoba:
A pretty, orange-red, open grained wood from South America. The raw wood bears a slight resemblance to finished black cherry however it is lighter in color when it is finished.

Jatoba tournament board

A heavy hardwood from west Africa Starts out orange red and deepens in color with age. Has a coarse grain texture.

A heavy hardwood from Southeast Asia, the wood is most often used in marine applications because it is very resistant to rotting. The wood is generally straight grained and oily to the touch.

Teak tournament board

A highly figured wood cut in a special way to leave the grain in a woven lace pattern.

Lacewood tournament board

A hard heavy and very pretty wood, yellow background with stripes ranging from brown to red.

Canarywood tournament board

South American Rosewoods:
Heavy hardwoods with a highly variable color range, Honduras rosewood is pinkish red with an irregular or variegated grain pattern. Bolivian rosewood is much browner with a broader color pattern in the wood. Kingwood is purplish and has an even broader color pattern. All three can be highly figured with streaks of contrasting colors running through the wood. Rosewoods have a very fine though oily grain texture. Also angico (a deep red south american wood related to rosewoods) and Grandarillo tournament boards, and curly benge (a chocolate brown wood also from south america with contrasting wide curls running across the wood)

Kingwood tournament board    Bolivian rosewood    Honduran rosewood    Madagascar rosewood    Bocote    Curly benge    Angico

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There's no fancier way to record,
Your scores on that ole cribbage board,
For pegs made of crystal and brass,
Tis a gift that is hard to surpass,
And a gift that can never be weighed
Is one that is truly home made.
The Fancy, no roll, Hexagon Cribbage Pegs
A great addition to any SCM Tourney Board!

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